Warmachine and Hordes

Just a little picture archive of some of my Warmachine and Hordes minatures that I did a while back. Some more finished than others, these pics were taken when I decided to sell them all. No order here, though it would have been more interesting to post them in painting order. But for a comparison, the Juggernaut and Destroyer were my first, and the Man-o-War Demolition Corp were my last.

wm001 width=156
wm002 width=156
wm003 width=156
wm004 width=156
wm005 width=156

wm006 width=156
wm007 width=156
wm008 width=156
wm009 width=156
wm010 width=156

wm011 width=156
wm012 width=156
wm013 width=156
wm014 width=156
wm015 width=156

wm016 width=156
wm017 width=156
wm018 width=156
wm019 width=156
wm020 width=156

wm021 width=156
wm022 width=156
wm023 width=156
wm024 width=156
wm025 width=156

wm026 width=156
wm027 width=156
wm028 width=156
wm029 width=156
wm030 width=156

wm031 width=156
wm032 width=156
wm033 width=156
wm034 width=156
wm035 width=156

wm036 width=156
wm037 width=156
wm038 width=156
wm039 width=156
wm040 width=156

wm041 width=156
wm042 width=156
wm043 width=156
wm044 width=156
wm045 width=156