GURPS Sheets

Here is a small collection of the various character sheets, crib sheets and notes I've made while GM'ing games of GURPS. Some are original, some are reworkings of exisiting sheets and some are just me fiddling for no good reason. Mostly, these are an attempt to make more compact versions of official material.

GURPS 4th Ed Character Sheet (Portrait, Compact). v2

GURPS 4th Ed Character Sheet (Landscape, Very Compact). v3

Crib sheet. v6

GURPS Combat cards, in a compact format. v1

GURPS Combat cards, in a VERY compact format. v2

GURPS NPC cards, for making notes on NPCs. v1

GURPS Improvment through Study cribsheet, for tracking learning. v1

Hex paper. For those full on tactical combats.

D&D 4th Edition

This is just my version of a character sheet. You'll need small handwriting, but it gives lots of room to plot down your character. Doesn't have a power sheet, because everyone uses power cards.

D&D 4th Ed Character Sheet. v4

LotR Battle Companies

Some sheets and tools I made way back for a LotR battle companies game. I needed more space to plot down my one legged warg riding orcs.

LotR Battle Company roster sheet. v5

Sheet for more heroes. v1

Handy reference for model advancement


A list of previous versions of these sheets, here. Honestly, this is more for my reference than yours.

Warmachine Picture Archive

A gallery of some of my old Warmachine and Hordes figures here.